Mexican Food Is An Infusion Of Tastes And Experiences

Today’s Mexican food is a combination of culture and migration. We recognize that corn, peppers and beans were the early staples of the diet dating back to the time of the Mayans and Aztecs, but Spanish conquistadors added many of the spices and herbs which we associate with Mexican cuisine so readily. It’s no surprise that Mexico’s traditional culinary system is so diverse and vivid and deliciously tasty. It is truly emblematic of the very best of many worlds. Today, the basic ingredients of beans, rice and corn are based on a large number of these tasty dishes. For nearly everything from enchiladas and tacos to soups and even desserts, the foundation is maize. There is also a wide range of dried beans and another favorite on the dinner table. They can be fried or boiled.

When the Spanish arrived, rice became another good food in the 16th century. There are a variety of different ways to prepare this, such as preparing it with hot oils, or incorporating herbs and even mixing it with sugar to make a popular local drink. Did you know there are more than 60 different varieties of chili peppers and each of them can be found in the Mexican recipe book somewhere? Jalapenos may not be the most identifiable, warm and spicy types for the faint-hearted. Such peppers can be used in a variety of ways. Salsa is one of the most common items to emerge from the Mexican food pantry and is generally well known in American society. Many people call it the Mexican equivalent of tomato ketchup and can be made from raw ingredients or prepared in various ways. You can have tomato roasted, fresco or ranchero style, for example.

We brought a variety of citrus fruits when the Spanish arrived to add color and flavor to Mexican dishes. Oranges, lime and grapefruit, when combined with a variety of other concoctions, can produce some special and mouthwatering taste combinations. Since the Spaniards also introduced dairy food to the Mexican diet, we can now get ready to enjoy a number of dairy products like Cojito cheese, which is often used to garnish the finished product. When you add a very wide variety of herbs and spices to these colorful main ingredients and supplements and prepare the food as freshly as you can imagine why Mexicans tend to look forward so much to their evening meal. Now it’s not hard to understand why the natives find eating such a privilege and how it helps to reinforce their very culture.