Day: October 24, 2020

Elsinore Theatre In Salem Oregon

Elsinore TheatreThe building was opened in 1926 and its debut was in the style of a vaudeville theater. Nowadays, with improved technology and enhanced performance capabilities, the Elsinore Theater has gone through a full cycle of its evolution again demonstrating its former beauty.

Historic challenges ahead of the theater

Between its creation and modern art center, Elsinore Theatre saw the emergence of talking films and declining ticket sales during the Great Depression. Today, Elsinore has been transformed into its original greatness and delights visitors every year with live music, theatrical performances, and classic film presentation.

Why is it worth visiting the theater?

The Elsinore Theater is located not so far from the Capitol and within walking distance of many restaurants and eateries. Dinner and show at Elsinore will be a good thing date or friendly meeting. There are plenty of nightlife options in the surrounding area. Whether it’s gourmet or casual food, the city center is full of cuisine for all tastes.

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